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Double Side Spray stripping Machine

Double Side Spray stripping Machine

Features:This Double Side Spray Stripping Machine is used for remove metal plate and PCB photoresist film Cleaning work. Double side auto spray cleaning Machine,resist high temperture.

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Process flow: Load → Stripping → Unload

Main technical parameter:

Model Number: GE-S650T

Power: 4.5KW/380V
Working size: 650*L mm(L= length is not limited)
Stripping area length: 1000mm
Working Temp.: 38~65℃
Tolerance: 0.05mm
Stripping type: PLT sprayer
Transfer type: PLT wheel
Outsize: 2150*1350*1250mm
weight: 480kg
Control System:
Speed Adjust system
Pressure Adjust System
Temperature control System(both Heater and cooler)
Network Filter System
High temperature (up to 100) resist German PP material
Long time Etching Ability

Double Side Spray Stripping Machine, PCB Stripping machine

Chemical spray Etching sample photo by S650 etching machine:

brass etching sign Decorative stainless steel sheet Etching

etching stainless steel prints