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CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine


Features:CO2 laser marking machine works with a laser beam on a variety of materials and makes the permanent mark. The theory is exposing the deep material by evaporating the surface substances, so that exquisite patterns, trademarks, dates, LOGO or text can be marked. The current CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used in the occasions which require more fine and more accurate marking. It's widely applied in food packing medicine packing, wine glass ware, electronic component, integrated circuit, electrical appliance, mobile communication, building material, PVC pipe and so on.

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Handicrafts, leather, jean cloth;
Wood, textiles, decoration;
Plastic products, Acrylic;
3M tags, packaging bags;
Glass, ceramic;
Tools and accessories, precision instruments;
PVC pipes, medical instrument;
Online production package marking for pure water, medicine, food, electronic wire, cosmetic, beverage, cigarette, wine.

Type GE1 Fast,GE2 Universal,GEs Simple
Laser type/Wavelength 10.6um
Laser power 10W 30W
Marking size 100mm x 100mm
180mm x 180mm or Order
Marking depth Adjustable
Marking line speed 7000mm/s
Marking width Min 0.1mm(100μm)
Marking character Min 0.5mm
Power total ≤800W
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Outsize 570*840*1240mm(Differance by types)

Laser Marking Sample

wooden laser marking
wooden laser marking

plastic laser marking
plastic laser marking

leather laser marking
leather laser marking

glass laser marking
glass laser marking