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Press Plate Etching Machine

Decoration Plate Etching Production Line

Features: This machines can be used to Press plates etching works with white etched bottom. Materials can be stainless steel, copper, aluminium and so on. Mainly products are stainless steel board, huge metal nameplates and many others press plates.

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Process flow: Load → Etching1 → Etching2→ Unload

Main technical parameter:
Working width:1550mm /1300mm/1000mm
Working height:850mm (+/50mm adjust)
Min board size:180*180mm
Etching system:Double Spray with Oscillate system
Workpiece thickness:0.2~5.5mm
Working Temperature:35~55 ℃
Conveyor Speed:0~6m/min (Control)
Heater/Cooling Pipe :Titanium Pipe
Machine dimension :30500*2300*1850mm
Automatic Control System:
Working Speed Adjust system
Pressure Adjust System
Temperature control System
High temperature (up to 100) resists German PP material