Etching Equipment and PCB Etching and Developing&stripping including Fine Line Etchers

auto PCB drilling machine

auto pcb drilling machine

Features:Chemical Etching PCB Prototyping System is a chemical photoengraving processing equipments. Chemical etching is the traditional method of creating circuit boards.It can do high-quality etching works of single etching or cut through metallic characters or graphics in metal workpieces. Such as PCB ,nameplates and metal crafts engraving works.It mainly used for laboratory use .

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Main technical parameter:

Max working size:300×200mm
Spindle power:65w
Hole diameter:0.4-3.175mm
Power:AC220V 50Hz
Min memory configuration:256MB
Consumed power:150w
Automatic origin positioning;
Intelligent drilling process(With a fixed type cutter bores arbitrary size hole);
Positioning pin asymmetric positioning technology;
④spindle turns off automatically after operation;
⑤keep on drilling after unexpected power outages or a breakpoint;
⑥Gibbs CAM,processing realtime display function.