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filter mesh etching machine for mass production

filter mesh etching machine for mass production

Features:This double spray precision photo etching machine is Photochemical etching machining equipments. It Can be chemical milling TV shadow masks, Grids, shims, Washers, sieves, filter meshes, SMT, choppers, encoder, disks,speaker grills, EMI shieldingand so on.It mainly used on metal etching work.

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Process flow: Load → Etching (8 meters)→ High pressure Rinsing→ City water Rinsing → suck dry→ Unload

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Main technical parameter:
Power: 20kw/380V
Etching width: 650mm/1000mm/1220mm/1550mm (can be order)
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Temperature: 0 to 65°C
Heater: 3KW,Titanium pipe
Cooling system: PE cooling system
Machining thickness: 0.05 to 2mm
Motor: 4KW*4sets
Etching system: Double spraying & Oscillate nozzles
Out size: 6550*1650*1550mm
Weight: 3500kg
Control system: Convey, Spray, Temperature, Pressure, Network filter

application:this photo chemical etching machine can be Photo etching process filter mesh, Shims & spacers, Metal encoder disk, Drum Doctor Blade, etched resistor, Optical mask & air slit, valve plate, metal nameplate, Step lids, chemical etching material kinds, toy model accessories, Charge Corona Grid, metal business card, metal etching stencil, Ground lug terminal, PCB shielding/ copper PCB board, Gift & Present & Specially designed, Mesh & grid & filter

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