PCB Etching Equipment and Wet processing equipment and Chemical Milling machine and Metal etchers

Photo resist coating machine

  • Dry Film Photoresist Laminator
  • Model Number:GE-L2
  • Dry Film Size:Width:250~610mm
  • Press film temperature:50℃-150℃±2℃Adjustable
  • Outsize: L830mm×W 1125mm×H1520mm
  • The Dry Film Photoresist Laminator is used for the lamination of photosensitive film and solder mask on PCB or other substrates. dry film roll laminator Pressure and speed can be adjusted according to different materials.
  • photosensitive ink coating machine / PCB Solder Mask coating machine
  • Model: GE-PC600
  • Working width: 600mm/700mm/800mm
  • Photosensitive ink thickness: 10~25um (or 25~40um.)
  • Machine size: 820*1280*1286mm  
  • This machine is a roller-type photosensitive ink coating machine. You can use this machine to finish single side or double side coating work. Coating roller wheel surface with precision screw thread .