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Small Etching Washing Machine

small etching machine

Features:This small double spray etching machine is a chemical photoengraving processing equipments. It can do high-quality etching works of single etching or cut through metallic characters or graphics in metal workpieces. Such as PCB ,nameplates and metal crafts engraving works.It mainly used for laboratory use .

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Process flow: Load → Etching → →washing →Unload

Main technical parameter:

Power: 3KW/380V
Working size: 400*L mm(L= length is not limited)
working height:720±10mm;
Etching area length: 500mm
Washing area lenght:200mm
Working Temp.: 38~65℃
Tolerance: 0.05mm
Etching type: PLT sprayer
Transfer type: PLT wheel
Outsize: 1100*850*720(mm)
weight: 300kgs
Control System:
Speed Adjust system
Pressure Adjust System
Temperature control System(both Heater and cooler)
Network Filter System
High temperature (up to 100) resist PP material
Long time Etching Ability