PCB Etching Equipment and Wet processing equipment and Chemical Milling machine and Metal etchers

Vertical chemical milling Machine

Vertical chemical milling Machine


The Vertical chemical milling Machine is a photoengraving machines for etching on surface of metal workpieces . the turntable spray etching machines are used to spray acid chemical on metal surface . The etching material can be stainless steel ,copper ,brass ,aluminium and so on . fully adjustable automatic spray nozzles, with controls in single or double spray . full PLC/ HMI controls available for all functions of the turntable

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Process flow: Loading → Etching → Unloading

Main technical parameter:
Etching area:650*650mm(THE SIZE CAN BE CUSTOMIZED)
Power: 5.5kw/380V
Pressure :1~3kg
Out size: 1650*1500*1550mm
Control system: Temperature, Speed, Pressure, Network Filter
long time etching ability


Vertical chemical milling Machine, vertical spray etching machine ,chemical etching machine

Etching Sample

Deep etching copper sample
Deep etching copper sample

 etching cut brass sample
etching cut brass sample