Etching Equipment and PCB Etching and Developing&stripping including Fine Line Etchers



Features: (1) By adoption fast removable fan module nozzle ,which is mostly convenient for daily maintenance.And the interleaving installation ystem,which is easy to clean each part of board. (2) For brushing section,it has the feature of accurate &steady convey, fast removable for brush ,easy to maintain,beautiful appearance ,compact size and long life-span.

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Process flow: Enter → Warm water washing → Scrubbing → Pressure Washing → Ultrasonic Washing → Washing → Sealing → Infrared drying → Output

Main technical parameter:
Convey speed: 1.0~6.0m/min (none level variable frequency adjustable)
Workable board size:610*610mm(maximum) 180*100mm(minimum)
Workable board thickness:*0.2(without cupper)~3.2mm
Convey width :700mm(valid width 640mm)
Conveyor size: ∮43mm
Conveyor axle distance:65mm
Brush size: OD5〞×26〞L×Æ38-0#
Water consumption:24~36L/min
Electricity power consumption :depends on acturally process.
Control system:programmable PLC controller ( Japan LG)and touch screen (Taiwan WeiLun).

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etching machine
Transport Conveyor with Wheels, Rollers

  8000 thin Material Transport Conveyor with   patented   S-Wheels, Inter-digitating Rollers
control panel

Developer, Etcher and Stripper Lids and Doors are sealed with GOLDEN EAGLE's Patented Air Seal for solution and fume containment.
High temperature (up to 100) resist German PP material

Integrated inline filter with O-ring seal sample ports and easy pump maintenance
Pressure gauge & pump