PCB Etching Equipment and Wet processing equipment and Chemical Milling machine and Metal etchers

JM650 high precsion etching machine

high precsion etching machine

high precsion etching machine Video :

Features:This double spray precision etching machine is Photochemical etching machining equipments. It Can be chemical milling TV shadow masks, Grids, shims, Washers, sieves, meshes, SMT, choppers, encoder, disks and so on.It mainly used on PCB etching work.

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Process flow: Load → Etching → Unload

Main technical parameter:
Power: 11.5kw/380V
Etching width: 650mm/1000mm/1220mm/1550mm (can order)
Tolerance: 0.02mm
Temperature: 0 to 65°C
Heater: 3KW,Titanium pipe
Cooling system: PE cooling system
Machining thickness: 0.05 to 2mm
Motor: 4KW*2sets
Etching system: Double spraying & Oscillate nozzles
Out size: 3550*1650*1550mm
Weight: 850kg
Control system: Convey, Spray, Temperature, Pressure, Network filter

Photo Chemical Etching sample photo by this etching machine:

photo etching stainless steel lable
photo etching stainless steel lable
photo engraving gold leaf
photo engraving gold leaf

Other Machine for whole etching process

  • photosensitive ink coating machine / PCB Solder Mask coating machine
  • Model: GE-PC600
  • Working width: 600mm/700mm/800mm
  • Photosensitive ink thickness: 10~25um (or 25~40um.)
  • Machine size: 820*1280*1286mm  
  • This machine is a roller-type photosensitive ink coating machine. You can use this machine to finish single side or double side coating work. Coating roller wheel surface with precision screw thread .
  • IR Continuous Belt Dryer Machine for double side ink drying
  • Model: GE-FD650
  • Power:12kw/380V
  • Temperature:RT to 200°C
  • Drying size:650mm in width, Length is unlimited
  • Drying type: Far infrared drying
  • This Far infrared drying Machine is for drying photoresist ink and priting ink use . It could finish double side drying one time .
  • Double side UV LED dry film Exposure machine for PCB making
  • Model: GE-UV700
  • Exposure area: 1060*700mm
  • Resolution:50um
  • Dimension(L*W*H):2700*1630*1750mm  
  • This Double sides UV LED dry film Exposure machine is an ideal equipment for making PCB. This machine is specialized in the mass production of various kinds of dry film, wet film, inner layer and outer layer.