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Plated-Through-Hole (PTH)Line

Plated-Through-Hole (PTH)Line

Features:Plated through hole is also called electroless plating copper, and PTH is for short. And plated through hole is an autocatalytic oxidation-reduction reactions, depositing on the non-conductive substrate, it can't be denied that plated through hole plays a role in bonding between the layers in double-sided board and multilayer board. And plated through hole is used for the ceramic copper plating, resin copper plating, diamond copper plating and so on. It will do the plated through hole process after drilling for two layers or multilayer board. Plated-Through-Hole plating equipments is copper plating equipments for PCB PTH uses. The size can be order as your copper plating processing needs.

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Process flow: Deburring → alkaline degreasing → secondary or tertiary countercurrent rinsing → roughening (micro erosion) → secondary countercurrent rinsing → pre leaching → activation → secondary countercurrent rinsing → degumming → secondary countercurrent rinsing → PTH → secondary countercurrent rinsing → pickling

Main technical parameter:
Power Supply:57KW/380V/50HZ
Production Capacity:3000~5000 square meter per month

The process and size of this PTH equipment can be customized according to customer requirements

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etching machine
Transport Conveyor with Wheels, Rollers

  8000 thin Material Transport Conveyor with   patented   S-Wheels, Inter-digitating Rollers
control panel

Developer, Etcher and Stripper Lids and Doors are sealed with GOLDEN EAGLE's Patented Air Seal for solution and fume containment.
High temperature (up to 100) resist German PP material

Integrated inline filter with O-ring seal sample ports and easy pump maintenance
Pressure gauge & pump