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PCB Anti-oxidation Machine

PCB Anti-oxidation Machine

Features: PCB Anti-oxidation Machine is replaced process of single plate post treatment and leveling of multi-layer plate.It is widely used for the formulation of liquid chemical medicine.which forms a protective film for the copper surface. it is brand new and environment-friendly equipment with good quality of anti-oxidation and weldability.

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PCB Anti-oxidation Machine Process flow: Feeding → Chemical washing → Recycle Water Washing1/2 → Running Water Washing → Micro etching → Washing by pump → Acid washing → Recycle water washing3/4 → DI washing → Bkot up → Anti-oxidation → Blot drying → Recycle water washing 5/6/7 → DI washing → Blot up → Cold wind drying → Hot wind drying → Discharge

PCB Anti-oxidation Machine Main technical parameter:
Size of Machine:L14535*W1600*H1980
Working Height:900mm
Working width:650mm
Wheelbase :35mm
Running Speed:0.5-5m/min
Power voltage:380V 50HZ three-phase
Total power of the machine :50 KW
Size of minimal board:Min 120*80mm
Thickness of outputing board:0.4-3mm
Running water consuming:24-36L/min

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