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Tin stripping Machine

tin stripping Machine

Features: This machine is applies to remove protective coating after etching with special nozzle arranged which can quickly remove tin-lead protective coatig.

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Process flow: Load → Tin stripping → Recycle water washing1&2 → running water washing →dry plate combination →Unload

Main technical parameter:
size of machine:L6500*W1600*H1980mm
Working width:650mm
Working height:850mm (+/50mm )
Min / Max board size:650*460mm / 80*80mm
Automatic Control System:
Working Speed Adjust system
Pressure Adjust System
Temperature control System
High temperature (up to 100) resists German PP material

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etching machine
Transport Conveyor with Wheels, Rollers

  8000 thin Material Transport Conveyor with   patented   S-Wheels, Inter-digitating Rollers
control panel

Developer, Etcher and Stripper Lids and Doors are sealed with GOLDEN EAGLE's Patented Air Seal for solution and fume containment.
High temperature (up to 100) resist German PP material

Integrated inline filter with O-ring seal sample ports and easy pump maintenance
Pressure gauge & pump